Soil Nutrient Enhancer

Our researchers have unlocked the door to a new application of natural beneficial micro-organisms that work in harmony with plants. BIO-MICROBIAL BLOOM™ has a unique blend of patent-pending stabilization technology made of both aerobic (oxygen-activated) and anaerobic(activated without oxygen) microbes that ensures increased uptake of nutrients. This technique assures proper transportation and colonization of microbes as measured by C.F.U. (colony forming units) by gram in
solids, or per milliliters (ml) in liquids. With over 200 strains of life-enhancing microbes, this unique blend has the potential to increase food and fiber production more than any other existing technology.

big onions

Currently with ten years of development and six years of university testing, as well as private farm and garden testing, BIO-MICROBIAL BLOOM™ has shown consistent yield and quality increases. In 2005 on 83 side-by-side tests conducted in Idaho on russet potatoes, yields averaged a 24% increase per acre.

Return on investment averaged $6.87 for every extra dollar of BIO-MICROBIAL BLOOM™. Both commercial growers and home gardeners have experienced increased yields of more nutritious fruits and vegetables.

BIO-MICROBIAL BLOOM™ offers the home gardener one more exciting advantage - more beauty to the eye with more brilliant foliage and flowers. Then you look at the whole picture, gardening is better and more rewarding with BIO-MICROBIAL BLOOM™.


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