About Black Dirt Organics LLC

Black Dirt Organics LLC uses proprietary methods to extract nutrients from spent compost. The process uses no chemicals in extracting the nutrients.
All the nutritional benefits of a compost an easy to apply, concentrated liquid, Fulvic Bloom. The organic fertilizer can be applied directly to the soil, or as a foliar spray, which results in an increase of plant nutrient density in as little as 30 minutes. Applying Fulvic Bloom™ Organic Fertilizer allows for a reduction or elimination of the use of chemical or synthetic fertilizers and pesticides so the soil can begin to support more of natures beneficial microbes.

Black Dirt Organics LLC also markets a USDA Organic, brewed microbial product named Bio-Microbial Bloom,™ which replaces the microbes that have been depleted in the soil by long term use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

This two step process follows our Mission Statement:

  • To regenerate the bio-organic nature of soils.
  • To strengthen the earth’s ability to provide better natural sources of food.
  • To heal the earth.

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