Soil Nutrient Enhancer

Introducing a new breakthrough in home gardening that guarantees more nutritious produce and
greater yield. We have unlocked the door to a whole new world of enhanced gardening!
BIO-MICROBIAL BLOOM™, beneficial micro-organisms work in harmony with plants in several
important ways:

  • helps stimulate plant yield
  • helps protect plants from disease
  • helps plants gather and incorporate nutrition from soil
  • works well with existing fertilizers

    - BIO-MICROBIAL BLOOM™ contains over 200 strains of high-quality pharmaceutical grade probiotic
    (life-enhancing) microbes found in nature. These microbes are beneficial to all live plants, animals
    and humans and are not genetically modified. BIO-MICROBIAL BLOOM™ stimulates rooting,
    increases plant vigor and health, and enhances your lawn and garden soil.

    -BIO-MICROBIAL BLOOM™ helps prevent plant disease through competitive exclusion as it dominates
    the root zone. These microbes also clean up toxins, including herbicides and pesticides, in the soil,
    and bio-degrade organic matter into compost. BIO-MICROBIAL BLOOM™ increases water holding
    capacity in the soil, which conserves water, saving money, time and energy.

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    Not available in California