Fulvic Bloom
Bio-Organic Liquid compost
The best alternative to chemical Fertilizer

Fulvic acid has been used in agriculture for years. It is added to chemical fertilizer as a chelate, allowing farmers to apply less fertilizer and being more bio-available to plants. This chelating or binding process reduces the amount of fertilizer which leaches into the groundwater or is carried away by surface water, thereby reducing pollution.

The traditional method of mining fulvic acid is to process Lignite, sometimes called Leonardite, or brown coal, or other forms of prehistoric shale by treating it first with caustic soda and then with strong acid. What's left is fulvic acid and often undesirable heavy metals. This harsh, chemically produced material has a very low pH of around 1.5, which is far different than the near neutral pH (7.0) of healthy plants. The chemical treatment process also strips all of the vital, naturally occurring micro-nutrients and creates hazardous waste by-products.

Brown Spot Needle Blight Caused By Scirrhia Acicola
  Two months after Fulvic Bloom ™ Treatment

Fulvic Bloom™ is harvested by a patent pending process from consistently high quality compost ensuring the levels of Fulvic and Humic are at their highest levels. The process uses no chemicals, so all the naturally occurring nutrients, including humic, remain in the liquid which has a pH of 6.5 that is near neutral. The chelating quality of Fulvic Bloom™ allows it to be absorbed directly into the leaves of plants without chemical surfactants.

Testing by refractometer shows that when Fulvic Bloom™ is applied to plants at the correct concentration, the nutrient level will increase dramatically in less than 45 minutes. Increasing plant nutrients with Fulvic Bloom™ strengthens the natural immune system of plants. Healthier plants tend to repel pests and diseases, thereby reducing the need for chemical pesticides.

Healthier plants are also more frost resistant. Fulvic Bloom™ can be applied to lawns and gardens before planting and throughout the growing season. When applied at the end of the growing season it will stimulate microbial growth in soil during the winter or dormant season. Fulvic Bloom™ will help your lawn turn green earlier in the spring. This results from the increased microbes that bio-degrade thatch during the winter.


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