Fulvic Bloom™
Bio-Organic Liquid compost
The best alternative to chemical Fertilizer

The value of compost in agriculture, turf management and horticulture has been well established. The question is how do you apply it and how do you reapply it during the growing season? That problem has been solved with the release of Fulvic Bloom™ for urban application.

Black Dirt Organics LLC uses proprietary methods to extract nutrients from spent compost. The process uses no chemicals to produce nutrients containing. All the nutritional benefits of compost in an easy to apply liquid called Fulvic Bloom™. It can be applied to the soil, or as a foliar spray with measurable increase in plant nutrient density in as little as 30 minutes. Applying Fulvic Bloom™ allows for a reduction or elimination of the use of chemical or synthetic fertilizers and pesticides so the soil can begin to support more of nature's beneficial microbes.

11 Days From Planting
21 Days From Planting

With Fulvic Bloom™ you can use any hose end sprayer that has an adjustable applicator to precisely measure how much you apply to the soil before planting and for regular foliar applications during the growing season. You can now apply the nutrients of compost without the back-breaking messy work. There are a number of beneficial values provided by Fulvic Bloom™. Fulvic Bloom™ contains high levels of both Fulvic and Humic acid which are essential for the absorption of nutrients from the soil into the roots of all plants.

Fulvic and humic acids occur naturally when soil is capable of maintaining high levels of microbes. However, some chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides inhibit the natural growth of benefical microbes. The addition of fulvic and agumic increases the levels of those vital chelating substances, which also improves the environment for microbes to reproduce naturally. Fulvic has been shown to bind or neutralize chemicals and other soil contaminates. This binding, or chelating, is the same process which allows the absorption of nutrients into plant roots.

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Not available in California